Hida Takayama 
Shopping Area

Shopping guide for local explorer

Takayama Station Map

“Hida Takayama Shopping Area” is ideally located in the heart of Takayama city consisting of 10 divided shopping streets, surrounded by major tourist attractions.
In addition to restaurants and souvenir shops, we cover an array of useful local shops for daily necessaries, fashion products and beauty & healthy salons to provide welcome relief from trip-fatigue, in order to make your time in the local surrounding more enjoyable.
We hope you will find this site helpful and have a fabulous exploring in Takayama.

Must-See Event

Red Bridge

“Takayama Spring Festival” The highlight of the festival is the elaborately decorated floats which their beauty and traditions have been preserved since the early 18th century. The festival draws massive crowds from all over Japan and overseas for the display of the floats and marionette performance. At night festival, the hundreds of illuminated lanterns give off a warm glow with gentle flicker and create an enchanting, mystical ambience.
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